Set goals with your heart

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to reach some of the goals you’ve set in the past? Or perhaps, why are you not feeling happy when you’ve finally reached them?

There might be a few reasons. Maybe you don’t have the right tactics in place. Don’t worry, I’m not going to describe some dull coaching techniques and models now. What if I tell you that, one of the reasons is because some of these goals you’ve set are not coming from bottom of your heart.

I really encourage you to start setting goals, which are aligned with your core values. When you try to reach your goals while you’re doing something, which is against your beliefs, you’ll never be happy, even if you reach aims you’ve set.

For example, making money and doing a job you don’t like works only in a short run for most of us. Lots of us are on wrong career paths and it’s difficult to change it.

Career is something, which should bring more than just money. If payment is your only motivation, it’s just a job, not a career. And, if you’re happy to live like that, it’s ok. However, if you are not, I really invite you to change it. You don’t need to quit your job tomorrow. Although, maybe it would be good to start taking small steps to change direction. There are many education and training opportunities, which can support you to choose another path. Lots of those options are also free.

I was performing an unfulfilling job for many years. It’s taken lots of time to change the direction I was heading. However, I’ve stopped doing the job, which has brought me nothing more than money. I’ve started redesigning my life again, around things, which brings me more satisfaction and happiness. It takes time to change, and it’s not easy to develop new habits of thinking and doing things. There are some ups and downs too. However, I’ve trusted the process. Now I know that it’s better to take action instead of dreaming about doing something new. It’s better to try a different path instead of asking yourself in the future WHAT IF…?

There are a few techniques, which should help you to create better goals. However, it’s really important to understand what really motivates you in a first place, to fully understand yourself and your values. I invite you to build a compass, which will guide you. You can do this by asking yourself these 3 questions:
Who I am?
What I’m doing now?
What do I believe?

and write down answers to these inquiries.

When you ask yourself these questions, try to listen to responses, which are coming from your heart too. Not only from your mind. If you do something, which is against your beliefs, you may feel disatisfied. For example, if you believe that fulfilling job should be creative and if you perform some dull repetitive tasks every day, it’s simply against your values.

When you answer these important questions, your intelligence can help you to create better and honest goals. However, your mind will try to confuse you and protect you when you try to follow your heart at the same time. In this case, your mind can become your enemy by advising you to choose easier but not necessarily better solutions.

On the other hand, if you start to listen to yourself deeply and when you take actions, which are aligned with your values, you will simply start creating a happier and more fulfilled lifestyle. You will start creating a better version of your future-self.

I’m sure that you are able to do this. You just need to start listening more to your heart TODAY

About the author: Project Unfold

Hi, my name is Miro. I'm a performance coach and well being facilitator based in Dublin. I support people in a creative and unique way. I'm the founder of Project Unfold. Project Unfold is here to guide you on how you can take care of yourself, relax in a healthy way and reach goals by providing online resources, offering one to one sessions and workshops. This project is the result of my journey of self-development to create a more joyful, meaningful and healthy life. Now the focus is on you. I would like to assist you in creating freedom, true work-life balance and happiness in your life. If you would like to find out more, please visit my website Live Well & Be Happy, Miro

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