What is coaching?

Coaching is a process, which unlocks the potential you have to maximise your performance in an area of your choice. It provides you with techniques to improve that performance. Coaching process gives you tools to reach your goals.

Sometimes you may feel stuck or confused, with the sense that something is missing in your life, and that’s ok. The first step to change is to realise your desire to do so. You might also have some dreams, but something is holding you back from pursuing those dreams. The coaching process can also address that.

Maybe you are afraid to change, or fail, or maybe even afraid to succeed. There are many kinds of fears. We also like our comfort zones, even when we know that staying there is no good for us. But it’s tricky to change our habits. You’re not alone. One of my goals is to assist you in finding what’s really holding you back. Another goal is to provide you with optimal practices and techniques to help you live a more satisfied, happier and fulfilled life.

Benefits of coaching

I can help you:

  • Understand your values and strengths
  • Overcome your limiting beliefs and fears
  • Boost your emotional wellbeing
  • Find your career path
  • Bring more passion & creativity into your life
  • Change old habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve you
  • Be more satisfied with your current job
  • Redesign & create a more meaningful life
How does it work?

A session takes one to two hours. For some people, one session might be enough to solve a problem or to find next steps to move on. For others, more sessions are needed. Coaching is a process. We are all different and we all need to work at our own pace. In addition, our goals might be more complex to work on. We might have certain negative habits, which were cultivated for a long time. Changing our patterns of behavior takes time. But it’s achievable. I know so many people who were able to improve. I’m sure that you can reach your goals too.

If you decide to work with me, I can guide you through the whole process. I offer ongoing support during the time we work together to make sure that you go in the desired direction.

Coaching also creates a relationship based on trust, and it appeals to open-minded people. People who would like to grow and for those who are ready to change.

I personally believe that everyone is capable of achieving much more than we think initially. I had many limiting assumptions, fears and habits, which haven’t served me well for many years. But things have changed. I was able to overcome many of my fears. Now I continue to work on cultivating courage in various areas of my life.

Are you ready?

If you think that you are ready to work on your goals, and if you feel that I can assist you on your journey by being a facilitator of your transformation, please let me know. You can do this by booking a free initial Skype, Whatsapp, or phone session. During this time you could find out more about what we can do together, and what benefits you can expect after completing the whole process.



€60 per hour (introduction offer: €50 per hour)

Coaching session takes between 1-2 hours.

I’m based in Dublin 2. However, appointments can be scheduled to take place in your own home at your convenience, or online if you prefer.

Dream BIG & Live Well